🎲DICE Token: The Fuel Behind Your Rolls


The DICE Token is the native cryptocurrency token that powers the DICE Bot game on Telegram. It's not just a utility token; it's an asset that offers multiple benefits to its holders.


The DICE token was deployed on Ethereum August 13th. DICE will be bridged to BASE after the successful launch on Ethereum.


  • Token Name: Dice Bot

  • Ticker: DICE

  • DICE Supply: 777,777,777

  • Chain: Ethereum

  • Tax: 5% buy, 5% sell

    • 2% Auto LP Sent to Marketing Wallet.

    • 1% ETH to Marketing Wallet

    • 1% Burn - sent to dead

    • 1% Rev Share contract

  • Game Pot: 90% winner/10% rake

    • 5% Burn (If other token, sent to treasury)

    • 5% Rev Share


  • 80%: Liquidity

  • 10%: Team - Vested for 6 months

  • 10%: Marketing and Operations

How to Acquire DICE Tokens

Buy on Uniswap with 6% slippage: https://app.uniswap.org/swap?outputCurrency=0x762fcf5183ae366c0629d0bcd30b40f331496d0f&chain=ethereum

Benefits of Holding DICE Tokens

  • Revenue Sharing: Stake your DICE Tokens to earn a share of the revenue generated by the game.

  • Access to Exclusive Features: Future updates may include features that are only accessible to DICE Token holders.

  • Community Voting: Have a say in the future development of the game.

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