🤖Dice Bot

Welcome to DICE Bot, the ultimate dice-rolling experience brought to you on the Telegram platform. Designed to offer a seamless and engaging gaming environment, DICE Bot combines the thrill of chance with the transparency of blockchain technology. Whether you're a casual gamer or a dice-rolling aficionado, DICE Bot has something for everyone.


Easy Wallet Connection

  • Connect your wallet with a few simple steps and get ready to roll. Our bot offers a secure and straightforward way to link your wallet to the DICE Token contract.

Customizable Games

  • You have the power to set the rules. Choose the DICE, USDC, WETH Bet amount, the maximum number of players, and the maximum roll count to create a game that suits your risk appetite.

Real-Time Leaderboard

  • Keep track of your rolls and your standing in real time. The bot updates the leaderboard after each roll, so you always know where you stand.

Provably Fair

  • Our bot uses the Telegram API for dice rolls, ensuring a third-party verified, fair outcome for each roll. You can trust that the game is not rigged, offering a transparent and honest gaming experience.

Social Sharing

  • Won a game? Share your victory on Twitter directly from the bot. Let the world know you're a DICE champion!


  • Engage with a well-thought-out token model that includes a game pot, burns, and revenue sharing. The DICE Token is not just a utility token but an asset offering multiple benefits.

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