Our Strategic Roadmap to Transform Online Gaming

Key Performance Indicators for Sustainable Growth

  • Community Growth Metrics

    • Achieve 10,000 active community members across all social platforms

    • Host monthly AMAs and community engagement events

    • Establish a robust referral program to incentivize community growth

  • Betting Volume Metrics

    • Reach a monthly betting volume of 100,000,000 $DICE tokens

    • Introduce high-stakes game modes to attract larger bets

    • Implement real-time betting volume analytics on the platform

  • Token Price Metrics

    • Maintain a stable or increasing $DICE token price through utility and demand

    • Introduce staking and liquidity mining programs to incentivize holding

    • Monitor and adjust tokenomics as needed for market conditions

  • Strategic Burns and Buybacks

    • Execute quarterly token burns based on a percentage of betting volume

    • Implement a buyback program to stabilize token price during market volatility

    • Publish transparent reports detailing all burn and buyback activities

The items outlined in this roadmap are intended as a general guide and are subject to change. Completion of certain milestones may be delayed or altered due to unforeseen circumstances or strategic shifts.

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